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Monday, July 30, 2001
Pillars of Garendall at Final Candidate Status
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In a brief update to the Pillars of Garendall progress log at Ambrosia Software, Dee Brown of Beenox reveals that this forthcoming RPG has reached FC1 - industry speak for "Final Candidate 1" status. This means the game is content and code-complete and is being evaluated by testers and the publisher for Gold Master Status -- which means this realtime RPG may be available in the near future.

Here is Dee's update to the progress log:

Pillars of Garendall FC1 (final candidate), our huge epic fantasy role playing game created using the Coldstone game engine, is now out of the door. This package contains the whole game (including the movies and a fully functional plugin system) as it should be released to the world.
Pillars of Garendall is the first game to make use of the Coldstone engine from Beenox, which allows users to create their own, full-fledged RPGs. Hopefully it will inspire others to take up these tools and create their own original adventures. Watch for a demo version of this game once it reaches GM status; for more information on this title, browse our past articles on the subject.

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