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Monday, July 30, 2001

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Red Faction Update, Preview
6:00 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

With the surprise appearance of Red Faction at MWNY the week before last, Mac gamers are no doubt getting psyched up to play this revolutionary shooter. Although we still have some time to wait -- perhaps until as late as November -- the PC version of this game is gearing up for a September release. As with Volition's other title Summoner, the PC/Mac versions of Red Faction will be significantly enhanced over the console version with support for high resolutions, detail textures, 3D positional sound and EAX as well as Internet multiplayer support.

VoodooExtreme has posted a short blurb from the team at Volition detailing the progress of the PC version of the game. As the Mac version will strive to be identical in every way, this will give you a hint of what is to come:

We've Been working a lot on multiplayer Red Faction -- everything's starting to come together and it's beginning to feel more and more like a finished product. It seems like every time I run the game, there's something shiny and new replacing our old hacked debug stuff. There's new HUD art, new interface, better-looking levels, and a lot of the general polish that feel more complete.

One area we have been focusing on lately has been multiplayer balance. We've been tweaking the weapons and adjusting the levels to take care of any problems that playtesting flushes out, etc. Our daily play sessions have become quite popular, and the competition has been fierce.

Optimization work continues, especially in the rendering engine. Obviously, every bit of performance counts, so we're devoting significant time to profiling and tweaking.

Up next, we wll be addressing balance in the single player game, making sure it's not too easy and not too hard. There were some things that we did in the PS2 version that don't really apply to the PC, like auto-aiming, so we'll be making a few adjustments to get the feel of the game back to spec.

Obviously there is a lot to look forward to with this intense sci-fi shooter. If you'd like a better idea of what actual gameplay might be like, PCIGN has recently posted a preview of the game with 24 new screen shots. Follow the link below to check out the preview, and keep watching IMG for updates on the progress of the Mac version, currently at "First Playable."

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