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Wednesday, July 25, 2001
Lane Roathe and His Ideas From The Deep
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MacGamer's Corey Tamas recently caught up with Lane Roathe (of id, Logicware, and MonkeyByte fame) at the recent Macworld to talk about his latest outing, Ideas From The Deep. The company is set to publish smaller game titles for the Mac and PC, and it was actually cofounded by his friend from the id Software days, John Romero. The interview talks about this, and also some about the first projects he is working on currently. Here's a clip:

While waiting for Romero, Lane still has lots on his plate. "I'm working on a game for Disney through R Tech. They've done a bunch of titles and a lot of them are on Mac. Monopoly, Jeopardy, Scrabble, Wheel of Fortune... you can get those through MacSoft, but those are R Tech. This is one of the first we'll do for Mac and PC at the same time... I think the very first."

Lane has been a fixture in the game software community for a while, and continues a stalwart allegience to Macintosh, despite the seductive allure of the bigger Windows market. "Everything I do is Mac and everything I do for myself is cross-platform, so I plan to release at least two titles a year for the Mac. I expect to do more. I'd like to get three done. Pet Rave, the new stuff (not just the old stuff from Logicware) and I've already got six titles lined up for development."

Also be sure to check out the IFD web site for deals on old Logicware titles. Lane apparently found a number of the games in the MonkeyByte warehouse and is selling them at rock-bottom prices.

Ideas From The Deep Web Site
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