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Tuesday, July 24, 2001

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The Feeble Files Released for the Mac
10:20 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

A new update to the e.p.i.c. Interactive site notes that The Feeble Files, a wacky adventure game, is now shipping for the Mac OS. The game has fairly modest system requirements, and we're told by Thomas Steiding that it will be available for order at Mac-O-Rama by the end of the month. The Feeble Files is a cartoon adventure with colorful graphics and offbeat humor. Here's more about the game from the announcement:

16 bit stereo sound and a plot of epic proportions take this adventure into a different galaxy. An audio visual treat, an intellectual challenge and awesome to play. Witty and humourous but with dark undertones. The Feeble Files contains acts of betrayal, intrigue, revolution and even a bit of cross dressing. Not to mention some totally unique features like Oracle - an ever increasing encyclopaedia of helpful background information. Add to that around eighty locations to visit, six thousand voice lines to interact with, there should be plenty to keep everyone happy without the aid of organic chemical supplements.

Rebellion has never looked so pAtHeTiC

Citizens wishing to play The Feeble Files will need a Mac PPC @180 Mhz, 32 MByte Ram, a 4 MByte gfx board and 760 MByte space on their harddrive. Citizens can find more information on this game in the projects section. All citizens not interested in this great cartoon adventure should contact a company Enforcer immediately to get a serious restructuring of their personality.

For more information, check out the Feeble Files page at e.p.i.c.'s site. Keep an eye out for preorders which should become availalbe in the near future.

IMG News: The Feeble Files Coming to the Mac
e.p.i.c. Interactive Web Site
The Feeble Files Page
The Feeble Files

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