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Monday, July 17, 2000
Apple Features Deus Ex
12:20 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Apple Computer Inc, long criticized for neglecting Mac games and gamers, has updated their Games page with a very nice three-page preview of Deus Ex, which was recently brought to the Mac OS by Westlake Interactive and Aspyr Media. The preview includes interviews with designers and developers, and detailed information about the major characters and weapons in the game. Here is an excerpt:

Deus Ex is a first-person shooter in which you can employ different tactics to win, instead of the usual shoot-everything-in-sight style employed by most games in the genre. You can interact with the environment in realistic ways, from picking up a pack of cigarettes and having a smoke to talking with other characters to glean valuable information.

You see, the other characters aren't just there for target practice. How you treat them dictates how they will interact with you later. When it comes to the true bad guys, you may want to use stealth to get past them. You can even knock them unconscious or, if you're really sadistic, take them to the brink of death and leave them to die slowly.

Apple's games page may be hard to find, but they do a nice job when they put their mind to it. Deus Ex for Mac OS is shipping right now, so go grab a copy! If you still need more information, check out our preview as well; if you want a shot at winning a free copy of the game, you still have a few hours to sign up for our Giveaway.

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