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Monday, July 23, 2001
Myth III: The Wolf Age Preview, Movies
6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

A new preview of Myth III: The Wolf Age has been posted at GameSpy after a recent visit to the MumboJumbo studios. Andrew Meggs and the rest of the MJ team are hard at work putting this third in the Myth series together in time for their release this fall. The game should be a simultaneous release, though with different publishers now for the Mac and PC versions, it won't be a hybrid box.

The transition to a fully 3D engine is looked at in the preview, with the new characters being made of hundreds of polygons instead of 2D sprites. The netplay is also becoming more solidified, and should be more multiplayer maps included than initially expected. There might also be a short beta test of the net play, and a demo is expected once the game is sent off to publishing. Here's an excerpt:

While optimizations still need to be done, the team is much further along than they were at E3. Narration and music are complete, while the rest of the sound recording is being finished up this month. The engine includes real physics (trees reacting to wind, units react to explosions) and everything casts shadows. Water is translucent, and players will even be able to see fish in the rivers and streams.
Check out the preview for new screen shots of Myth III as well as pics of the team hard at work. There is also a small (1.6MB) zip file available for download containing three character animations and a short cut scene clip.

If you would like even more Myth III movie action, MythWolfAge has scored two short movies taken at the recent Macworld showing of the game. While they were taken with a handheld camera (and there is no sound available), they do show some of the battles and player taunts in the game.

Myth III Movie #2 (4.7MB)
Myth III Movie #1 (6.8MB)
MythWolfAge Web Site
Preview of Myth III: The Wolf Age at GameSpy

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