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Monday, July 23, 2001
Carbon UT Progress Report
9:44 AM | Lucian Fong | Comment on this story

Mark Adams, who has been Carbonizing Unreal Tournament for Mac OS X in his spare time, made another post to Usenet detailing his progress. Last week, IMG reported that an update to Metrowerks Codewarrior, a development environment for Macintosh software, fixed the problems which had halted his progress. Adams has some more good news for Mac gamers this week:

I was able to get mouse controls working this weekend (thanks Brad!),
and started doing a few timing tests. Performance seems pretty close to
9.1 in OpenGL, which is what I'd expect.

Load times are VASTLY improved. On my test G3/400, UT takes 26 seconds to load under 9.1. Under OS X native, it only takes about 13 seconds! And the OS X disk cache must be very well tuned- if you quit UT and relaunch it again a short time later, the game loaded in 7 seconds. Not that you'd quit and relaunch a lot, but still pretty cool.

Long launch times has always been an annoying aspect of UT and hearing that it was been decreased by 50% on a midrange machine is very encouraging. It seems like the benefits of porting UT to Mac OS X are showing themselves right away.

In another post, Adams responds to an inquiry of whether the improvements to the UT OpenGL renderer for the PC have been included in Carbon UT. Daniel Vogel, a programmer for Epic Games, has been continually updating the OpenGL renderer for better performance. On Windows PCs, running UT in OpenGL is almost as fast (if not faster) than Direct3D, Microsoft's 3D API. Here is Adams' response:

I actually rolled some of those GL changes into the code a while back,
but I may re-examine the latest GL driver in UT when we get to the
optimization of Undying. If anything major comes of it, I'll probably
put it back into UT (maybe Deus Ex & Rune as well).
Apparently, Adams is referring to the 436 update for UT which reduced memory requirements and improved performance. The PC OpenGL renderer has been updated a couple of times since then, but it is unknown if those changes will provide more framerate increases. All in all, this is exciting news as it will allow Mac gamers to play one of the most popular Mac games on Apple's next generation operating system, OS X.

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