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Friday, July 20, 2001
Myth II: Green Beret Interview, Details
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When Take Two acquired the Myth brand and content from Bungie nearly two years ago, it was a possibility that the existing engine would be used for new titles. At E3 this year a surprise surfaced: Myth II: Green Berets was announced and shown at the expo. Despite the name, this game has nothing in common with previous Myth titles; in fact the only thing it shares is the Myth II engine.

While Take Two has not announced a Mac version of this game, the previous Myth titles always shipped as hybrid releases; if there was to be no Mac version they would actually have to go out of their way to strip out the Mac application and partition.

The interview reveals what many have suspected: the team working on this title (which seems more of a Total Conversion) are actual members of the Myth mod-making community. One critical issue is neglected, however -- there is no mention of co-op or online matches, or if Bungie.Net will be used to coordinate multiplayer games. Here is an excerpt:

Dragon: Green Berets will ship with 10 missions. How long will it take to play through each mission?

Beggs: A few things can determine how long it will take to play through each mission. 1.) How familiar the player is with Myth II. (Having the general idea of gameplay, does help give the player a slight advantage). 2.) What difficulty level the player is playing. Timid and Simple will be easier to beat, naturally, but there's still room for mistakes. When you get to Normal difficulty the game will be more challenging. 3.) Finally, how well you are doing on the mission plays a part! If you're down to just a couple units and you're only halfway through the mission, you will have to plan out the remainder of the mission more carefully, employing more guerilla tactics rather than an all-out attack.

For more details and several screen shots, read the rest of the interview. We'll investigate with Take Two to confirm that this title will be a hybrid release, as we suspect.

Myth II: Green Berets Interview at Strategy Planet

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