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Monday, July 23, 2001

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Myth II: Green Berets Goes Gold
6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Take-Two Interactive sent word over the weekend of Myth II: Green Berets for the Mac and PC going Gold Master and heading into production. The game takes the gameplay of Myth II into a Vietnam-like setting, with more modern weapons and characters. The game will include ten singleplayer and eight multiplayer levels, though the solo levels will also be internet-ready for cooperative play as well.

Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc (NASDAQ-TTWO) today announced that Green Berets (Powered by Myth II) has gone Gold and is expected to be released by the end of July 2001.

Green Berets is a squad based tactical game set in the treacherous jungles of Southeast Asia. Plan your surgical strike and sneak deep behind enemy lines to attack your enemy head on in 10 dynamic missions through rice paddies, underground tunnels, and superbly detailed terrains.

Powered by the magnificent Myth II engine, stalk through dense jungles with M60s, grenades, med kits and radio equipment to call in awe-inspiring air assaults, engage the enemy in blinding firefights and obliterate enemy bases with intense explosions. Combat enemy snipers and mortar crews and secure landing zones with your crack team of M16 gunners, Huey helicopters, and special Heroes (over 18 units in all). Your objectives are clear, rescue POWs, locate downed pilots, sabotage communication towers, and seek and destroy the enemy.

Like the original Myth II, the box will be hybrid with both Mac and PC versions available. The level editing tools should also come included with the title.

Myth II: Green Beret Web Site
Take 2 Interactive
Myth II: Green Berets

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