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Friday, July 20, 2001
MWNY: Day Three Coverage Begins
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Day Three of Macworld Expo New York 2001 has begun, and our stalwart crew is heading to the show floor once today. As the bulk of our coverage was posted on Wednesday, Friday is traditionally the "clean-up" day -- though we do have second meetings planned with NVIDIA, ATI and several other companies.

The first two days of the expo produced few surprises for those who follow Mac games news regularly; perhaps one of the most interesting developments was the decision of MacPlay to publish the defunct Logicware's catalog of never-published titles, including Heretic II and Zork: Grand Inquisitor. Of course all "hardcore" title fans were thrilled by the news that MacSoft will be publishing Duke Nukem Forever, while those interested in RTS titles were quite gratified to hear that the long-missing graphical masterpiece Sacrifice was on display (and running quite well) on the show floor.

Other developments of note so far include the decision of Aspyr Media to publish Pangea Software's existing catalog of games as well as the future title Otto Matic (which is receiving rave reviews from the show floor); MacPlay's decision to port Giants: Citizen Kabuto to Mac OS X only; the revelation of new Freeverse titles and on-floor demos of GraphSim's shooter Red Faction just four days after the game reached "first playable."

Be sure to check back over our MWNY coverage to make sure you haven't missed anything -- but don't think we've wrapped it up just yet! Our correspondents have a packed schedule of meetings, and we'll be bringing you reports throughout the day...

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