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Wednesday, July 18, 2001
MWNY: Creative Labs Sound Blaster Updates
6:28 PM | Patrick Leyden | Comment on this story

Inside Mac Games caught up with Creative Labs' Christopher Gamboa to get an
update on the company's recently-released Sound Blaster Live! for Macintosh
audio card. Gamboa revealed that the card "has been doing very well" in
sales. Word-of-mouth about the Sound Blaster card has been as important as
advertising for its success, since Mac users have never had a mass-market
option to add a sound card to their machines.

The game development community has been quick to adopt the EAX audio
standard by integrating it into their games. In addition to games such as
Deus Ex, Diablo II and Unreal Tournament being updated to support the card,
both Alice and Tomb Raider Chronicles will ship with EAX support out of the

Even with the card's success, some users are still experiencing difficulties
when using the Sound Blaster Live. One such problem involves certain G4 Macs
not being able to go into low-power sleep mode when the Sound Blaster Live
is installed. "The Deep Sleep bug is being addressed," Gamboa assured. On
the topic of OS X support, Creative Labs is "researching what it would take
to do OS X [support]."

Creative Labs is offering a show special of $79US for the Sound Blaster Live
for all attendees at Macworld Expo this week. This special is currently only
available for people attending the conference.

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