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Wednesday, July 11, 2001
Civilization III Info, Screens
3:45 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

We learned at E3 this year that one of the most-anticipated sequels of all time (and that's no hyperbole -- we are talking about a Sid Meier game here) will be coming to the Mac platform via MacSoft. While Civilization III isn't expected to ship until this Fall, a few early previews and screen shots have already begun to appear.

PC Zone has just posted a short preview of the game, accompanied by nine screen shots and a still from a game cinematic. While the preview's strengths are primarily in the visual aids, the text itself does contain some details for those of you anticipating this sequel. Here's a sample:

There have been countless semi-sequels and updates since the immortal Civ II, but none of the Alpha Centauris, Test of Times or Call of Powers really did enough to top the official series. Those who were afraid of revolutionary changes introduction of real-time elements and full 3D graphics needn't have worried though. Civ III sticks to the basic gameplay mechanics on the premise that "if it ain't broke and is a perfect example of true genius with millions of fans all over the world, don't fix it".

New animated advisors, more options and higher graphical detail are just some of the superficial improvements being made to the game. Expect to see a much better AI to give you a run for your money and a more realistic game environment where everything you do has a logical effect.

The screen shots certainly reveal that no special gimmicks have been added to the classic gamefield view, but they are preliminary images and should be regarded as such. The preview also links to seven small movies of the game including an official trailer. [Update: the movies do not appear to be Mac-compatible.]

Jump to the article for the screen shots and details. Hopefully MacSoft will divulge how far along the Mac port of this game is (if it has even begun) at Macworld New York next week.

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