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Wednesday, July 11, 2001
IMG Reviews Apple's Ultimate G4/733
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IMG writer Patrick Leyden has taken an in-depth look at Apple's G4 733 MHz, currently the fastest Macintosh ever made (though Macworld New York next week will almost certainly feature faster models). Not only does he uncover the changes to hardware architecture and components that set this screamer apart from the G4 500 and dual 533 machines, he also tests game performance in a wide variety of titles and with various video cards (including the GeForce 3).

Obviously this system is the absolute top of the line (for now), and is the ultimate luxury for avid gamers -- but is it worth the serious investment? Here is an excerpt:

When compared to the former single-processor champ, the G4/500, the new G4/733 has clearly raised the performance standard of the Mac platform. Running Quake 3 Arena version 117, a G4/500 equipped with a Rage 128 Pro video card scored an average frame per second (fps) rate of 20.9 frames running high quality at 1024x768 resolution. Replacing the Rage 128 Pro card with a PC GeForce 2 MX card that was upgraded to work on the Mac upped the frame rate to 50.8 fps. This is compared to a G4/733, which edged out the GeForce 2 MX test with a 53.4 fps score. When a Radeon was brought into the mix in the Quake 3 tests, a score of 58.7 frames per second was achieved. Testing with the brand new nVidia GeForce 3 card in the 733, the same test resulted in a noticeable jump in performance, yielding a 73.7 fps score.
Read on for more details on Apple's most powerful gaming rig ever built.

Review: Apple G4 733 MHz

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