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Monday, July 17, 2000
Another Voodoo5 Review
9:16 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Thresh's Firing Squad has recently reviewed 3dfx's newest release, the Voodoo5 5500. While this review focuses at the PC AGP version, the upcoming Mac PCI cards should be roughly equivalent in features, if not in speed.

The Firing Squad covers all of the bases, as usual, including many benchmarks with Quake 3: Arena. Before you get depressed over the performance of the V5 relative to NVIDIA's GeForce cards, keep in mind that Quake 3 Arena takes advantage of the GeForce's T&L, which the Voodoo5 doesn't support. Most other games don't use T&L, so they would show the Voodoo5 more favorably; 3dfx staff complained bitterly about reviewers using Q3A as a benchmark when we talked to them at E3. Here's an excerpt from the review explaining more about Full Screen Anti-Aliasing:

FSAA is a method used to remove jaggies, crawlies, and sparklies. What are these cute yet wicked sounding things, you ask? Well, have you ever noticed that lines are almost never straight in games? They look pixellated and jagged. The term "jaggies" refer to these jagged edges. Crawlies are jaggies that move when you actually play the game. As your view shifts, lines are redrawn and the jagged edges move which creates a "crawling" effect. Sparklies are extremely easy to spot, mainly because, well, they sparkle. This phenomenon is also known as pixel popping. Sparklies are mostly found at line edges, like the other two effects.

Check out the rest of the review for more on how this card performs. In case you're wondering, 3dfx delayed our review models of the Mac PCI Voodoo5 5500, but we should have a review ready shortly after Macworld New York.

In other 3dfx news, Penstar Systems notified us about an interview they conducted with Bryan Speece, regarding their presence at the upcoming MWNY. The article looks at all of the 3D options for the Mac, including the recent NVIDIA rumors. Here's an excerpt:

I asked Bryan how many Mac V5 boards does he think they will sell, he simply replied, "Tons." Looking at the response that the Voodoo 3 got even with unofficial support, I bet the V5 is going to be the most successful retail Mac card ever introduced. While ATI has sold quite a few Orionís and such, the demand for these were not exactly overwhelming. Many did not see the need to upgrade their Rage II chips to the Rage 128, and how many owners of the G3 and G4 machines that come with the Rage 128 will upgrade to the Rage 128 Pro? 3dfx is offering something very new, and very powerful for a comparatively low price (for Mac standards). The V4 4500 will probably be under $200 for a 32 MB card with DVI support, and the V5 5500 PCI for Mac will be at $329, and it will also have DVI support.
3dfx should have the Mac version of these powerful cards available for purchase very soon after the Expo. Keep in mind that the Mac Voodoo5 does not support DVD playback, though they are supposedly working on a solution. 3dfx has also launched a page specifically for the Mac Vodoo4/5 series, so make sure you visit and show your support.

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