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Monday, July 2, 2001
StarEdit Emerald Released
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Over the weekend MacGameFiles listed a new version of StarEdit Emerald, a specialized editor for creating campaign maps for Blizzard's RTS StarCraft. Use hidden units, alternate AI scripts and even change unit names to create your ultimate custom scenario. Here are more details:

StarEdit Emerald is a special version of the regular StarEdit campaign editor. This version allows you to place all the hidden units of Starcraft. This include Mensk, General DuGalle, Rasagel, and others. Also, you can now place some units that were not placeable like the Disruption Web and the Dark Swarm or the Zerg Larva and Lurker Cocoon. You can also rename ALL the units. This includes the powerups, mineral and vespene chunks, attacking traps and others. Finally, you can use new AI scripts that were previously hidden. These are AI Train Nuke, AI Disruption Web Here, AI Recall Here, AI Nuke Here, Turn ON or OFF Shared Vision for all the eight players and others. It also allows you to give ANY unit to ANY race, by double-clicking on that unit and changing it's owner. Say you have a Blue Protoss player and a Red Terran player. Add a marine for Player 1, double-click on it, select Player 2 for the owner, and voila! There are a few other features, just explore the program!
For those of you still caught up in Blizzard's classic RTS, this tool will unlock all of the game's possibilities. This tool is designed specifically to work with the Brood War expansion pack installed.

StarEdit Emerald 3.5.3 (1.6 MB)

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