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Friday, June 29, 2001

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Stronghold Interview, Details
2:11 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Blue's News led us to this interview by Eurogamer featuring a discussion with Firefly, the team developing a Medieval sim known as Stronghold. This title was one of the several that MacSoft has acquired from Gathering of Developers for Mac publication, and we've got a feeling many of you are looking forward to it indeed.

Among the numerous details revealed by the interview and accompanying screen shots are an outline of the gameplay and setting, specifics on castle building and combat and a hint of what multiplayer mode will be like. Eurogamer also reveals the interesting detail that Firefly is composed of three former team members of Impressions Games -- the company that developed the Caesar series and Lord of the Realms I and II.

Here's an excerpt with details on castle building, and why Stronghold is more sim than RTS:

New technologies will become available to you as you progress through the game, and the process of
designing and building your castle has been made as flexible as possible. "Players can build walls of
any thickness then add defensive crenulations. They have a choice of different gatehouses, towers and
drawbridges, as well as the ability to add stairs. All of these interconnect and function together [in] a
Lego-like system they can use to create their castle. Once the main castle is in place they can add
moats, killing pits and pitch ditches, mount mangonels and ballistae on the towers, decorate it with
flags and gardens..."

It's not all about building, defending and attacking castles though, because at its heart Stronghold is a sim. "The player doesn't have to micro-manage
resource gathering or continually click to produce troops, these all happen automatically for them. Instead they must balance their overall economy,
setting rations and tax levels. The main variable in managing the castle economy is popularity, [which] determines how many people will come and
work at your castle. If your popularity falls too low people will leave your lands to find work elsewhere."

This title sounds like a Castles: Siege and Conquest fan's dream come true. Read on for more details and screen shots. Currently this title is expected to be released in the Fall. Who is doing the Mac OS conversion and how far it might lag behind the PC release is not known at this time. In related news, if you haven't seen the movie of Stronghold in action that we reported some time ago, we highly recommend grabbing it.

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