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Friday, June 29, 2001

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More Updates from GarageGames
9:11 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Tim Gift of GarageGames has updated his .plan with new information on their powerful 3D engine V12. It seems they are quickly moving through testing, and should have it out to waiting licensees soon --pending approval from Sierra. They must assure Sierra and Dynamix that any Tribes 2 material (other than the generic engine) is removed from V12 before it is released. Yesterday we brought you lots of good information from David Chait, the programmer working on the Mac client, and Tim mentions his work again in his update. Here's a clip:

Things are looking pretty good on the V12 side. Rick and I along with our associates and beta team have been making good progress. David Chait has a Mac server and client running. Win32 can connect to Mac client and vice versa :) Very cool :) Ryan Parker has been working on the linux port and has the linux dedicated server running :) Also very cool :) The rest of us continue to work on cleaning up the code, getting the shell for our test app together, networking, etc. We've already released one beta, today we've released the second. The networking code is all working in this beta, so we'll be doing some multi-player testing with the beta guys :)

The V12 is basically ready to be released. Long term there is still lots of work to do, especially documentation, but the core features are there, and it runs :) Our major hold up is getting final approval from Sierra. They get to look at our build to verify that we've removed all the Tribes 2 intellectual property. We gave them a build two weeks ago and received a reply Tuesday. We've addressed the issues they brought up and are going to give them a new build tomorrow morning. Hopefully this one will go through :)

Rick and I have a few things to work out on the site before the launch. We were going to do those this week but then received the mail from Sierra. That got us side tracked. Rick will probably start on it this weekend, and I'll get on it when I return.

If you missed our Mac V12 update yesterday, be sure to go back and read through it as well. Sounds like V12 is progressing well, and we'll bring you any new info available as they near release. It is important to note that just because a Mac OS version of V12 is being created and maintained does not mean that games made with the engine will necessarily be ported to our OS; however, as we have seen with Quake 3 Arena's engine (also developed with cross-platform use in mind) code such as this can become an important bridge between platforms and make conversions much, much faster than traditional brute-force game porting.

IMG News: Mac V12 Status Update
Tim Gift .plan Update

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