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Thursday, June 28, 2001
Mac V12 Status Update
12:55 PM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

IMG recently talked with David Chait, developer working with GarageGames
on the Mac port of their Tribes 2-based 3D engein, V12. Early in the month
we brought you the first word on the subject, and it seems David has been making
good progress since then. While V12 will contain no copyrighted Tribes 2 content,
it will be a powerful engine for potential Mac game makers to get their hands on
for the amazingly low price of $100 per license. Here's where David's work
currently stands:

Mac has definitely continued to make milestones. The quick update (I'm sure
I'm forgetting some things):

- GUI system all seems to be drawing & working properly. all .gui screens
load and execute fine.

- event handling still needs tweaking, but is generally working well.

- in-game input handling still needs to be completely reworked... I'm
looking into OSX ramifications.

- scripting system seems fully functional.

- in-game console is fully functional.

- terrains, buildings/interiors, and models are all rendering properly, with
minor interior issues and model shadows still to fix.

- model animation now works properly

- basic network implementation written

-- we had a cross-platform and cross-continent session mid last week

-- master server registration & querying

-- mac client can find servers, and connect and play.

-- mac can act as game server, including for Win, etc., clients.

- some other general fixups, tweaks, etc.

Obviously, there is still a great deal of work left before I'd say it is
ready for developer-use, but we are continuing to make progress
week-by-week. The GarageGames guys are just >cranking< on the overall code
cleanup and revisions -- it's really impressive.
Sounds like the program is making awesome progress, and we thank David for his
info and hard work. We'll keep bringing you new info on Mac V12 as it moves towards
a release in the near future. We'll also keep pestering other sources to see if
it might turn into a Mac port of Tribes 2 at any point in the future.

GarageGames Web Site

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