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Thursday, June 28, 2001

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Black & White Add-on Interview
9:18 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

It was recently announced by Lionhead that they would be releasing a number of free add-ons for the PC version of their god-game Black & White. Last week it was officially revealed by a Lionhead staffer that a Mac version of the title is in progress and should be released by the end of the year, although no developer or publisher has confirmed for certain that they are in fact working on the title. Current odds-makers are betting on UK developer/publisher Feral Interactive as a likely candidate.

Black and White as a game is supposed to continually evolve; the creators have plans for a long series of changes that will create and encourage an online community with many unique features. If the Mac OS port of this game is a true success, all of these add-ons will also be compatible with our version of the game, so this list of additions may be a wish list for future Mac B&W players.
The add-ons listed at BWGame.com include:

  • June 26 – Three brand new multiplayer maps.
  • June 29 - Out-takes from the Black & White recording sessions available to download online. Hear the Advisors as never before!
  • July 2 - Black & White Music Interface available. Play MP3s and control WinAmp from within the game and enable your Creature to recognize and respond to your favorite tunes or sound-files. (Subject to official patch being released)
  • July 9 - Villager speech (banter) available. Hear the previously secret, innermost thoughts of your tribes’ people.
  • July 20 - Black & White chat facility. This chat function will enable you to send and receive messages from within Black & White. (Subject to official patch being released)
  • August 6 - Soccer. Enable your villagers to play matches against other tribes. (Subject to official patch being released)

The interview at FGOnline talks with director Mark Webley about these freebies, why they decided to release them, and the release methods. Here's a quick clip:
FGN Online: Are these free features some of the options you couldn't squeeze into the game before deadline?

Mark Webley: Yes some of the free features are either things that needed a little bit more development time, others are new ideas that have either come from the team or the fan base.

Check out the rest of the interview and BWGame site for more information. It's likely most, if not all, of the features will work with a Mac version once it's available as well; currently there is no firm ship date for a port.

Lionhead Interview at FGOnline
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Feral Interactive
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