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Friday, July 14, 2000
OniCentral Visits Bungie, Part 3
6:42 PM | Charles George | Comment on this story

OniCentral has posted the final part of their visit to Bungie west ;). The interviews originally occurred sometime last year, but they are still an insightful look at this action-oriented third-person shooter. Mixing hand-to-hand combat with plenty of brutal firearms, Oni will feature a long, involved solo story line with complex enemy AI and multiple solutions to obstacles. Here is a great example of what they want to do with stealth and sound in the game:

"Harry: Will you be able to attack from the distance, because let's say 50 people are guarding the door and you need to get past them. Wouldn't it be easier to get a few of them from afar first?

Chris: Sometimes she needs to whack guys without attacking from a distance. We have this sounds system where 2 bullets hitting flesh make less noise than 2 bullets from a silencer which hits a box. So if you are unable to hit someone in the back of the head and hit a box instead, 2 enemies will come at you in alert."

All estimates point to this game being released by late in October for the Playstation 2 (via Rockstar and Take Two Interactive) and for Mac and PC (published by Gathering of Developers.) We look forward to seeing Oni in action early next week at MWNY.

OniCentral Interviews Bungie West
E3 Coverage of Oni

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Archives  News  OniCentral Visits Bungie, Part 3