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Thursday, June 28, 2001

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D2: Lord of Destruction Patch Available
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Those anxious Diablo II players who have already made their purchase of the Lord of Destruction expansion pack may be perplexed after the initial install. It seems that if you have already installed the 1.08 patch, your previously created characters won't appear until you download a similar upgrade for Lord of Destruction. IMG's Greg Wilson explains the situation in detail here:

If a user upgraded Diablo 2 to version 1.08 within the past week (to try out the new stuff, play on Battle.net, etc) and then purchased the Lord of Destruction Expansion, they will discover that their characters are missing after LoD is installed. All is not lost, however. Just connect to Battle.net from LoD, and it will automatically download the latest patch. What happened was the LoD disks were pressed with version 1.07 of the expansion. Characters converted in Diablo 2 to version 1.08 are incompatible with LoD version 1.07. Upgrade to LoD version 1.08 and everything works great! The Mac version currently is not available for download through a web browser; only Battle.net downloads are available.
So before you take your old characters through the new single player campaign, give a quick connect to Battle.net to upgrade your application.

And remember, Blizzard will be releasing a patch soon for the original Diablo 2 which reverts some of the changes made in 1.08 back to their previous state. Check out our past news on the issue for more details. While we have the utmost respect and admiration for Blizzard as a game company, they do provide an excellent example of the headaches of supporting a game with patches long after its initial release.

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Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

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Archives  News  D2: Lord of Destruction Patch Available