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Monday, June 25, 2001
GameSpy Interviews Omni's Tim Wood
6:00 AM | Ben Boffey | Comment on this story

Rapidly increasing his gaming profile, OmniGroup's TIm Wood has been interviewed by GameSpy concerning both Omni's and his own history in the Mac market and the ever present debate of Apple and OS X's relationship with gaming. With Tim's history of porting many id titles to OS X, and his current focus on bringing A-list titles such as Heavy Metal: Fakk2 and Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force to Apple's next-generation OS, he is surely one of the best to talk to concerning the future of Mac gaming. Concernig OS X's advantages over other platforms Tim says favorite has to be the SMP support in Mac OS X. The Quake3 testing that I've done shows that a SMP-500 with a GeForce2MX is about 33% faster than a single processor 733 (also with a GF2MX). Also, the SMP-500 is nearly twice as fast as a single processor 500Mhz box. That is, we're getting an almost linear speedup from the extra processor (which isn't as common as you might hope). Now, just imagine how nice the next generation of SMP hardware from Apple will be with a higher clock rate and a GeForce3 :)
Read the full interview to get an insight into the thoughts of someone who is likley to be a key-player in future Mac gaming developments, especially with Omni's dream to create their own games from scratch in the future.

OmniGroup Website
Interview with TIm Wood @

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