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Monday, June 25, 2001

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Blizzard Staff Grilled on Expansion, 1.0.8
9:46 AM | Ben Boffey | Comment on this story

Over the weekend the Diablo II Development Team along with Bill Roper, Lisa Bucek and Beau Yarbrough met online with a collection of Blizzard Fansites to answer questions which arose after the recent 1.08 patch release. The team were the perfect people to deliver new details - including information about a 1.09 patch - and were not afraid of admitting their own mistakes. For the full chat log follow the link below, but here are a few samples:

Q: We have followed up on a 1.08 patch with some server side changes, what about people who do not play on Battle.net?

A: There will be a downloadable patch (1.09) that gives the non-Battle.net players all the same changes that are on battle.net. This should be available within a couple of weeks.

Q: How have Boss drops been changed / modified?

A: End Bosses (Diablo, Duriel, etc) have had their drops modified so that they are MUCH better and will be better EVERY time to kill them, not just the first time. This makes risk/reward better.

There was also news of the inclusion of more server side Horaric Cube recipes for Diablo II, no expansion set needed! With the end of the beta test for the Lord Of Destruction expansion pack, there will be a special tournament taking place on June 27th for all high level Hardcore players. Here's what the Dev team had to say:
We'd like to invite all the high level hardcore players to voluntarily take part in a dueling tournament!!! Since the characters are being erased anyway, there's nothing to lose, so we thought it would be fun to have a little informal tournament. We'd like to invite all hardcore players to join the channel that we will announce on our forums shortly. The tournament will take place June 27. This will be totally voluntary, informal, and with no prizes or anything, but since the beta's ending, a champion must be crowned! Details will be posted on our forums shortly!
All of this nicely co-incides with two major events in the D2 world on June 29th: the release of Lord of Destruction and, on battle.net, the start of a new season which brings a Standard and Hardcore Ladder reset in all but the Asian Realm's 2 and 3 Ladders. This reset only affects the Ladders themselves; no existing characters will be deleted, allthough you must create a new character after the reset if you want to take your place on the new Ladders and prove your worth.

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