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Thursday, June 21, 2001

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Ion Storm Using Unreal Engine, Mac Deus Ex 2 Assured?
9:01 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

In a recent press release Eidos has announced that Ion Storm has chosen the Unreal engine for their next projects. While the PR is mostly a marketing piece for Epic's powerful engine, it does let the cat out of the bag that Deus Ex 2 and/or Thief 3 will be using this engine, which was recently revised with some astounding new abilities. The official word on which titles will be made with the engine should appear in the August issue of PC Gamer due out July 15.

This is great news for Mac gamers, since the Unreal engine has already been used in so many other Mac titles (including the original Deus Ex). This greatly increases the chances of seeing these sequels on our platform. Despite their critical acclaim, the original two games in the Thief series never made it to the Mac, due partly to their very Windows-based engine. Hopefully if Thief 3 is announced to be utilizing the Unreal engine, we might finally get a chance to try out this great series.

We'll keep you posted as more from Ion Storm and their upcoming titles are revealed. Both games are still considered to be very early in their development cycles at this point. For more background information, check out our previous article on Deus Ex 2 with notes from Westlake Interactive.

IMG News: Mac Deus Ex 2 Details
Eidos Press Release

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Archives  News  Ion Storm Using Unreal Engine, Mac Deus Ex 2 Assured?