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Tuesday, June 19, 2001
Monkey Byte Names New CEO, Offers Demo CD
12:55 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

For those of you who haven't yet subscribed to the intermittent newsletter from independent publisher Monkey Byte, their latest treatise has several minor surprises. The Mac/PC publisher has recently acquired the rights to distribute Green Dragon's action/puzzle game Gridz, a realtime, networkable puzzle game which rewards strategy as well as fast reflexes. This game is shipping for $25 and there is a demo available to download.

Monkey Byte is also shipping a demo CD, which is free (plus shipping and handling) for newsletter subscribers. With both Mac and PC demos, the CD features titles from Astro Rock 2000 to King of Dragon pass, 20 games in all. Many of the games can be serialized for an instant purchase.

And finally, the newsletter mentions that Monkey Byte has just named a new CEO to head the company. Here's the relevant quote: announces a new Chief Executive Officer has been chosen to
represent the company into the future. Yon Hardisty, formerly an
executive at Berkeley Systems and Havas Interactive as well as a long
time partner in, returns to his roots and prepares to lead
the company into the next economy.

" has traveled a long and winding road in our sixth year
within the development business," say Mr. Hardisty, "we intend to build
on our history of continual growth and flexibility to provide new and
existing clients with professional ecommerce, game, and web based
development." has been a developer and publisher of games for Windows,
Macintosh, and Browser based media since 1995. The company has just begun
to expand its' development skills into Game Boy Advance, eCommerce
hosting and solutions, and dynamic database driven web design.

"The future can be found in convergence," says Mr. Hardisty, "developers
that look to extend their reach far into the next decade will be getting
back to the basics and focusing on delivering a true multimedia
experience to their clients. Companies that can only offer development in
one type of media will have their days numbered."

Hardisty is of course referring to his company's recent foray into music publishing, which you can find out more about at their web site.

Monkey Byte
Free Monkey Byte Demo CD
Gridz Details at Monkey Byte

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Archives  News  Monkey Byte Names New CEO, Offers Demo CD