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Tuesday, June 19, 2001
IMG Reviews Shogo: Mobile Armor Division
12:37 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Although the wait for our review seemed as long as the wait for the game itself, IMG has published a review of Shogo: Mobile Armored Division. This revolutionary (for its time) first-person shooter features colorful 3D graphics, innovative gameplay, explosive weaponry and a definite "anime" look and feel. Although the game can be tough to find for those in the States (currently only Mac-O-Rama is importing it) our reviewer found it a worthwhile addition to any FPS fan's arsenal. Here is an excerpt:

Shogo places you into an interstellar plot of intrigue and warfare, battling to control the most powerful source of energy in the universe. You play Sanjuro, a sarcastic, insubordinate MCA (Mobile Combat Armor) commander, who happens to be dating his ops officer (who is his commander’s daughter). You are a member of the elite Shogo Mobile Armor Division -- crack pilots who operate huge mecha armed to the teeth. But who cares about that? You want to hear about the guns.

You have a wide variety of arms at your disposal: pulse rifle, laser cannon, sniper rifle (with zoom), cluster missile launcher, a "juggernaut", and others. I should add that those are some of your MCA’s weapons. Shogo takes you into combat in your mecha through the streets, and on foot through the indoors. On foot, you have a combat knife, dual pistols, a machine gun, an assault rifle (with zoom), a shotgun, and a variety of grenade/energy weapon launchers. While it's obvious that a lot of detail was paid to the weapon details and effects, I found the balance of the weaponry somewhat lacking, being able to finish the game using only two or three weapons for each mode - foot or armored. Still, they are cool to look at when fired.

Read through the review for more information, and grab the demo from MGF if you'd like to try this one on for size. Don't forget to add your own impressions via the user reviews.

Review: Shogo: Mobile Armor Division

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