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Friday, June 15, 2001
Myst Top Ten List Posted
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Who says we're all business here? To celebrate Friday (TGIF!), we've posted a...well...comical story for your funny senses in the hopes that it will help a great many people realize that they may have a "problem". Our very own Michael Phillips, a recovering Myst addict, has written a thought provoking piece (we use that term loosely) entitled "The Top Ten Signs that Your Love of Myst has Gone too Far". Here's a snippet:

Addiction comes in many forms, absinthe, Nyquil, cheese curls, popping bubble wrap and endlessly watching the film, Rushmore are just a few examples. However, there is one such addiction that can cause one to lock them self away in a darkened room, save the soft glow of a computer monitor, for hours at a time, away from friends & family and as in my case, near hospitalization (boy, THAT'S a long story). This dreadful addiction is Myst...
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Myst Top Ten

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Archives  News  Myst Top Ten List Posted