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Friday, June 15, 2001

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Preview of Max Payne at 3D Action Planet
9:30 AM | Tom Bridge | Comment on this story

3DActionPlanet got to take a good look at the upcoming 3rd person action adventure, Max Payne, this week. The game itself has been in development for close to four years now, and most of the details are just coming to light. Included in the preview is the basic storyline:

The general story goes something like this. Max Payne was a regular guy, with a wife and child. He worked for the DEA, and life was good. Then, one day he came home, and found that his world has been shattered. His wife and children had been murdered. Max's life was turned upside-down, and he became filled with rage.
Quite possibly the most exciting part of this to-be-release-for-Mac game is the influence of the Matrix and every John Woo movie ever released on the style of gameplay. It may have taken four years, but they will be worth it.
This is pure John Woo, with a little Matrix, even featuring bullet time. Shrapnel will fly out of whatever structure you hit, and in different ways. Steel will fall faster then paper, walls will show exactly where the bullets hit and little chucks will fall to the ground, and steel will spark. Everything is destructible; these are no pansy fights. Enemies show exit wounds, and are knocked back, maybe even sent flying into the air, depending on the weapon and trajectory. The bullets are intricately modeled, even including the little inscription. Bullets shells are the same way, resulting in some really cool looking action.
Look for Max Payne this winter from MacSoft.

Max Payne Preview
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Max Payne
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Archives  News  Preview of Max Payne at 3D Action Planet