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Friday, June 8, 2001

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WWII Online "Stops Clock," Adds Servers
12:00 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Earlier this week we reported that Cornered Rat Software was having a little turbulence with their launch of the online combat sim World War II Online caused by both technical issues and the unexpected popularity of the title. While the latter of those problems might be considered a publisher's dream, it is certainly a developer's nightmare as the Playnet servers used to host this online-only game are currently strained to the breaking point. Adding to this server strain is the mandatory 70 MB game patch all PC users must currently download before playing the game.

In response to consumer complaints, Playnet has decided to "stop the clock" for current users of the game; currently you get your first month "free" with the $30 game purchase, and then each month after the first is $10.00. Playnet is extending this thirty-day trial period indefinitely until they can bring enough server capacity online to serve all of their customers. According to notes on the web site they are planning to greatly increase server bandwidth and support and have already doubled their player capacity to meet demands. However, at the time of this article the game server is offline once again for maintenance and upgrades.

Why does any of this matter to Mac users? Our version of the game is expected within the next month (2-3 weeks is the current projection) and this "shaking-out" process can only be to our benefit. By the time our version of the game reaches store shelves, hopefully Playnet will have been able to solve their capacity and bandwidth issues and Mac users will experience smooth sailing. Watch the WWII Online site for more updates on the progress of the game, and IMG for information about the Mac version as it nears completion.

News: WWII Online Gets Off to Rocky Start stops the clocks on the free 30-day trial period for WWII Online
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