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Tuesday, June 5, 2001
Myst III: Exile Interview
9:40 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Czech web site BonusWeb has conducted an in-depth interview with Greg Uhler, one of the founders of Presto Studios which recently released their latest title, Myst III: Exile. Delving into a variety of personal and professional topics, the interview covers the foundation of Presto, their acquisition of the Myst III project and Greg's thoughts on the final product. Here is an excerpt:

BonusWeb: Now let me move to our main topic – Myst III: Exile. Previous two titles (Myst and Riven) were developed by Cyan… But the third installment is your work. Tell me, why Cyan gave up the chance to do it by themselves and how did come to this opportunity to make it?

Greg Uhler: Cyan was embarking on another large project and wasn’t going to continue Atrus’ story in an interactive form. Knowing the Myst universe and Atrus’ role in it was too big to leave undeveloped forever, Cyan was more than happy to let us handle this small part of it for them.

In early 1999, we received a phone call from Mattel Interactive informing us that they were searching for top developers to develop games within the MYST universe. We quickly agreed to create a preliminary design document and technology prototype for Myst 3. But we only had five weeks, and we were competing with other developers. Five weeks later, we pitched our idea to a room full of people at Mattel. The guys remember waiting in the lobby after the meeting, thinking how quickly things can change in our industry. They were minutes away from a decision that would change the future of Presto.

Obviously, that decision was in Presto's favor; the game itself has already sold 75,000 copies in the first two weeks, and currently holds two positions in the top ten PC games list, the second held by the Collector's Edition version of the game. Read through the rest of the information for more information on the team behind this successful sequel, and watch IMG for a review of this game in the near future.

Greg Uhler Interview at BonusWeb

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