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Tuesday, June 5, 2001

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No WWII Online Public Beta, New Mac Info
8:45 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Producer Al "Rafter" Corey broke the news last night to the World War II Online forums that they would not be hosting any public beta as expected. It seems they don't have the need anymore, as internal testing has cleared up what they believe are most of the game's issues. The big test will be tomorrow, when the PC version of the title hits store shelves, and owners go online to try it out. Here's a clip:

We come to a decision not to conduct an extended public test of WWII Online. Our intentions right up until this late hour was to provide some opportunity for more of our community to experience the game in a test environment but the timelines and resource costs of conducting such testing have made that impossible.

Both our internal and closed Beta tests have been satisfactory and we feel as well prepared as possible for the expected siege on us Wednesday. To all of you who have waited to test the game, we are sorry we weren't able to make that happen. To our closed Beta testers, again, thanks for your help and dedication.

We are at the very beginning of a journey that is the on-going development of WWII Online. We hope what glimpses our testers and outlets like the World@War Gazette have provided give you a hint of what kind of experience we're building. We hope you'll join us on June 6th.

As they have noted before, this release of the game is not truly 'final' because many more updates/fixes/additions will still be released after the retail game is out. A public beta would also cost them quite a bit of money to host a number of testers for free on the game servers, which are sure to be quite expensive to run and maintain.

A long thread in their forum is also answering player questions from both beta testers and employees of Cornered Rat. Head over and dig through it for many goodies on gameplay information and the like.

With tomorrow being the official PC release, the Mac version is still up in the air as far as when a retail version might be ready. An inquisitive reader recently sent us an update from the publisher Strategy First in regards to the Mac build. It seems that while the Mac is up-to-speed with the PC, the actual box will be a few weeks later. Here's a clip:

Thanks for expressing your interest and support in World War II Online.
In answer to your question, World War II Online will come as a separate
retail box for PC and Mac, it will not be shipped as a hybrid box..
There will definitely be a Mac version released, but most probably about
2 to 3 weeks after the PC version (June 5th).
So, while not exactly simultaneous, this is a fairly quick turnaround. We'll keep you posted with any new Mac-related information on shipping dates or preorders for the game.

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