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Friday, June 1, 2001
New Lithtech Game 'Reprisal' Coming to the Mac, Help Needed
10:20 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Mike Hughes at the newly established Power Infused Productions sent us the news that they are about to enter the gaming market with a new title called Reprisal. Not much is known about the game at this point, except they have decided to go with the LithTech engine as their base. One of the advantages of this 3D gaming engine is that it is compatible with a number of platforms, including, it seems, the Mac OS. Power Infused is currently looking for a Mac programmer to help them bring Reprisal to our platform, and they are also targeting the PC and several console platforms as well. Here's a clip from his mail:

Power Infused Productions, a recent addition to the Mac market [and gaming market for that matter] is looking for people to work on their next title. Reprisal, a first person shooter powered by the LithTech engine, needs several top quality programmers and graphics artists. We also need a programmer or two and a couple artists for a secret project in development with an associate. If anyone is interested please email ... the first person shooter Reprisal will be out for Mac/PC/XBOX/PS2 when its done.
So any programmers or artist looking to break into the game industry might want to drop them a line. The Power Infused site doesn't have many details about Reprisal at the moment, though there is this one paragraph description:
Lost in an unfamiliar territory you must use the skills you have learned in your military training to find your way home. Sneak behind enemies undetected and steal unclassified weapons to use against an alien race. Reprisal will be a first person shooter designed to make even the most experienced gamers think.
We'll bring you more info on Reprisal as the game develops. No word yet on a release date, though they just announced they are using the LithTech engine last month, so this title is most likely a year or more away. If you have the skills, pitch in and help speed up the development process.

Power Infused Productions

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Archives  News  New Lithtech Game 'Reprisal' Coming to the Mac, Help Needed