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Friday, June 1, 2001
Coldstone Engine, PoG Update
9:40 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

A new update has been made to the official Pillars of Garendall log at Ambrosia Software. It seems the team working on the game's base engine, Coldstone, has made some good progress in the past few weeks. The engine is now completely C++ and compiles for both Mac and PC without any changes. New graphic formats are also supported, along with a new "alpha transparency" effect. A good example of this in action in the form of a new screen shot of the game is given to highlight these changes. Here's a clip from the update:

  • Engine now 100% C++
  • Engine now compiles on all supported platforms from the same source code
  • Translucency through alpha masks is now supported (it is as simple as using a PNG with an alpha channel instead of a PICT)
  • Graphic formats now supported: PICT (standard RLE only), JPEG, PNG
  • Full keyboard support in all the game (player control, interface navigation)
  • Perfect window mode

    We are now working to fix refresh bugs, memory leaks and a couple of minor logic bugs. Stay tuned

  • Sounds like the game/engine is coming along quite well, and we hope to hear more about this RPG soon. Once the beta is completed, Pillars of Garendall should be released for Mac Classic, OS X, and Windows.

    Pillars of Garendall Progress Logs
    Pillars of Garendall Beta Site
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    Ambrosia Software
    Pillars of Garendall

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