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Friday, June 1, 2001

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New Trade Wars Info, Images
9:13 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Earlier this year IMG brought you news on an amazing new remake of the classic BBS game Trade Wars which is coming to Mac and PC early next year. The title will be expanded far beyond the original text-based trading game into a full RTS which will use 3D graphics in a massively-multiplayer online world. Now, after returning from what sounds like a successful E3 adventure, the folks at Realm Interactive have updated the official site with new information and images from the game. The site has a new look, along with many new screen shots and concept art from the game. The screen shots are a mix of space and planetary images, and are all very impressive with a stylized look. Head over now for a glimpse at the game in action.

The Races page has also been completed, with new details on the three main species now available. The list of corporations also continues to grow, with many of these player-run 'clans' already forming long before the game is even released. Each corporation has their own mini site and is encouraged to start building alliances before the title is released. For more info or to start your own corporation, have a look at their information page. Much more functionality is promised for the corporation sites soon.

Trade Wars is currently set for a release early next year for Windows. The team is promising that they have Mac, Linux, and even console clients in as part of their plans, and will hopefully have something to show for these other platforms soon after.

Trade Wars Web Site
IMG News: Trade Wars Remake Coming to the Mac

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