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Thursday, July 13, 2000
Weapons Factory Arena Update
3:47 PM | Charles George | Comment on this story

The Weapons Factory team has released version .3 of their excellent Weapons Factory Arena mod for Quake 3 Arena. This time around they have included a brand new player class, and some other great features. Here are the new features in their own words:

1. The Nurse makes her debut in .30, armed with a dartgun, plague grenades, and a kit of 8 "drugs" for enhancing the abilities of her teammates (try them on all your friends!). These powerups are granted by hitting the alt-fire on the gauntlet to affect teammate abilities from how fast they run to how much damage they deal. The Nurse promises to bring a whole new dimension to WFA gameplay.

2. WFA version .30 includes the most advanced and configurable Heads Up Display (HUD) of any Q3 mod. WFA players are completely in control of what information is displayed and where, from what abilities they have enabled to the status of their deployed defense systems.

3. A UT-style variable zoom scope has been added to the sniper rifle, giving the sniper complete control over the zoom level of the rifle. This includes a variable that shows the sniper what level of zoom they are at and a cool new crosshair.

WFA focuses on teamplay, with a class based system similair to the Q3A mod Team Fortresses. If you enjoy Capture the Flag style gameplay, give this mod a try. Be forewarned - it is a monster, weighing in at over 60 MB.

Weapons Factory Arena
Download WFA Update to .33

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