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Friday, May 25, 2001
Myth III Interview, Demo Caught on Tape
11:21 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

GameSpot has posted yet another excellent movie taken at E3, this time talking with Scott Campbell of Mumbo Jumbo Games about Myth III: The Wolf Age. The video, while taken with a camcorder, shows off some of the amazing changes made in the newly-revamped engine of the game, while Campbell demos the new features. The MPEG video is quite large at 70MB, but fans of the series not lucky enough to attend the E3 showing will definitely want to suffer the download. Myth III is set a thousand years before the first game in the series, allowing you to play as the "Fallen Lords" before they fell.

Topics included in the demonstration include the completely 3D characters and terrain, some very nice trees and plants, and a smooth camera which will allow you to zoom in to see precise detail. Other niceties also demonstrated, such as dynamic wind which blows through the trees and affects your archers arrows, will make this a definite must-have for Myth fans. Don't be afraid of the "Windows Media" version -- it is just a zipped MPEG. Myth III is in development now and is expected out around November. MacSoft will publish the Mac version for Take Two.

Myth III Movie at GameSpot

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Archives  News  Myth III Interview, Demo Caught on Tape