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Thursday, May 24, 2001
Update on Target: Korea Progress
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Chuck "Vardr" Grimes of Targetware recently passed along a progress report on Target Korea, an upcoming flight sim set in the first days of jet-powered aircraft and sporting an extremely flexible engine and game structure. This flight sim is unusual in that it can be easily modified and extended, creating a flight simulation that is literally the product of its own community. In fact, several "mods" and community projects are already in progress even though the game is still in beta.

According to this report, the game is progressing well and is still in closed beta at this point. Here is the update:

0.32 continues in development. We are still tweaking the Mission System.
This has been interesting in that Sick is chiding me against 'arena think' .
This will be a fairly innovative shift in the MMP Flightsim paradigm.

The auto-download features are done.

Resource Checking is coming along quite nicely. This is, of course, a very
important piece in the business model.

No word yet on when 0.32 will be released to the closed beta group, but we
will take a big step toward open beta when it is.

We are discussing the next 'Skin the Bird' contest. No final decision on an
aircraft yet, but it will most likely be a jet.

We will be putting together some web pages containing comprehensive data on
the various aircraft: Performance specs, energy diagrams, and pilot's notes.
Watch for this on the Targetware website (http://www.targetware.net) in the
next week or two.

Almost forgot: We are putting together some really great documentation for
Target Korea if the samples I've seen are any indication.

Visit the Targetware web site for more details. The screen shots section has recently been updated with some very nice cockpit images and shots of various camera views, so be sure and check them out. Supposedly they are panning on a public beta release of the game in the next 60 days.

Interview: Targetware's Wade Williams
Targetware Web Site
Target Korea

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