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Tuesday, May 22, 2001
Kids Domain Update
9:20 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

It's time once again for another Kids Domain update report, focusing on the website that lists free and shareware downloads targeted towards kids of all ages. Sometimes fun, usually educational, anyone with children that love to bang on the keyboard should definitely take a look.

The latest titles to be listed:

  • Bicycle Safety Fun Book - Age 4 to 8

    This PDF teaches kids about bicycle safety and includes various activities such as coloring and word finds.
  • Bike Safety Basics: Proper Helmet Fit and Adjustment - Age All

    This PDF goes over the basics of how to properly wear a bicycle helmet, and is meant as a general pass-out for classes.
  • Adding Integers Drill - Age 6+

    This activity is a series of Powerpoint slides that go through basic integer addition drills, using both positive and negative numbers.
  • Basic Polygons - Age 6+

    This is also a Powerpoint presentation that displays polygonal shapes, with following slides displaying the name of each one. Designed for drilling.
  • Fun Under the Sea Screensaver - Age 4+

    Move your mouse over the big shell to open it, make the sea flowers come out of the tubes and play tunes on the clam shells. Explore the world under the sea (from Disney's Little Mermaid II) and watch it come alive!
  • Concentration: Geography - Age 6+

    A variation of the card-matching game Concentration, this one focuses on matching the correct answers to geography-related questions.
  • Flowers and Colors - Age 8+

    The objective is to cross-pollinate flowers so that the colors are the same as the 3 on the right. This requires some knowledge of color blending, though you can also just try different combinations and see what results.
  • Dropper - Age 6+

    A variation of Tetris that uses a single rectangular shape with varying colors.
  • Cuk Lecture - Age 8+

    An entirely French program that focuses on French reading skills, matching words to various pictures.

For those interested in these or any other children's programs, be sure to check out Kids Domain for a comprehensive listing.

Kids Domain

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