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Monday, May 21, 2001

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Q3A 128 OS X Native, Q3Radiant Axed
2:00 PM | Toby Allen | Comment on this story

Following id software's announcement that a new point release for the mega-popular shooter Quake 3 Arena is due in the very near future, we went ahead and asked id's programmer Robert Duffy for a few more details.

The good news is that the next point release will include a native OS X version of Quake 3 Arena. The OS X version is set to give G4 owners a significant performance boost. An OS X (Cocoa) version of 128 was demonstrated at E3, and it is good to know Mac gamers will get their hands on it soon.

One other OS X project that Mac gamers have been looking forward to is a port of Q3Radiant, the level editor used on the PC side to design maps for the shooter. However, since Graeme Devine first hinted he might attempt a port, no new information has been released. Unfortunately Duffy confirmed that they are no longer working on the OS X version of Q3Radiant. Here is his response:

There is no OS X version of Q3Radiant in the works.

I do believe we will have Win32, Mac OS, OS X, and Linux all out at the same
time as far as the game [point release 128] goes.

While gamers might be disappointed about the loss of Q3Radiant--which was never promised with any certainty in the first place--the Macintosh Map Editor Project has some interesting information on making a third-party port of id's level editor. The next Q3A patch will be hosted on MacGameFiles as soon as it released. Expect more information soon.

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