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Monday, May 21, 2001
E3: Myth III Trailer
10:33 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

The Myrkridia can smell your fear, and they will kill you for it...

So opens the trailer for Myth III, which has been posted at the Mill Archives for aspiring tacticians to download. Currently in development by Mumbo Jumbo and featuring the real-time strategy gameplay that made the first two so intensely demanding, Myth III takes place 1000 years before Myth I, highlighting how the great hero Connacht saved humanity from the Myrkridia and the Trow in what is known as "The Wolf Age." For those familiar with the Myth universe, Connacht is the great warrior that eventually becomes Soulblighter, the archnemesis in the first two games.

The trailer shows clearly that Myth III, unlike the first two games, is a fully 3D game, and a gorgeously rendered one at that. Polygonal Berserks stalk with grim expressions and painted faces. The Soldiers and Archers have never looked better, with extremely detailed armor and decals on their shields. The backs of the hulking Myrkridia are extremely well-muscled. There are even some shots of Connacht himself, who does look like a fully fleshed-out Soulblighter, complete with his signature weapon and headband.

The environments themselves are rendered beautifully as well, and Myth veterans should have no trouble recognizing familiar landscapes, such as grasslands, forests, caves, mountains, and deserts.

The animation in the game is also amazingly fluid. Berserks stride while brandishing their claymores. Soldiers march across the field with sorcerers at their side using their staves to help them walk. Trees sway in the breeze and blood flies on the battlefields. One shot in particular shows a huge number of dwarves throwing their trademark explosives into a charging party of ghouls (guaranteed to give any Myth veteran a warm, fuzzy feeling). The bottles leave arcing flame trails, exploding beautifully and scattering body parts everywhere. It's worth noting that characters seem to be either right or left-handed, with soldiers wearing shields on either side and dwarves throwing explosives with either hand.

There also seem to be some new characters as well. Besides Connacht himself, there are also what seem to be variants of Berserks, though they wield huge axes instead of the traditional claymore and wear heavy furs. There are also what seem to be the Heron Guard from Myth II sans the flags, though they still brandish paired swords. The old school Dwarves, Berserks, Soldiers, Archers, and Sorcerers are all present as well.

If players consider themselves any sort of Myth fan, they should head to the Mill Archives at the link below and immediately download the trailer, which is in mpeg format and weighs in at about 21.5mb. This particular reporter has already viewed it some 30 times and has yet to tire of it. Myth III is currently slated for a December 2001 release, which gives plenty of time for players to download and watch the trailer, and twist in agony waiting for this one to ship.

Myth III Official Site
Mill Archives - Myth III E3 Trailer

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