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Friday, May 18, 2001
IMG at E3, Day Two
11:46 AM | Patrick Leyden | Comment on this story

The first official day of IMG's coverage of the Electronic Entertainment
Expo was about as hectic as one could possibly imagine. Microsoft's Xbox,
Sony's PlayStation 2 and the Nintendo GameCube all competed for the
spotlight on the show floor. Bungie's Halo was at a place of prominence at
Microsoft's booth, showing the game's extensive split-screen multiplayer
capabilities. The PlayStation 2 was showing a number of second-generation
titles, with Drakan 2 and Final Fantasy X among the most impressive of the
lot. Nintendo's PowerPC-based GameCube also had a strong showing with
jaw-dropping playable version of Star Wars: Rogue Leader and the new Wave
Race Jet Ski game.

Even with this onslaught of next-generation gaming consoles, there were
still many things at the show of interest to Mac gamers. The first order of
the day was a visit to MacSoft's meeting space. The company was talking
about their recent partnership with Take 2 Interactive that will result in
eight new titles coming to the Mac, including Tropico and Fly! II. MacSoft
was also showing the latest build of Master of Orion III for the Mac as well
as an early version of Civilization III.

Master of Orion III was a very impressive title and has quickly climbed to
the top of my personal must-have list. This is due in part to its
impressive user interface and enhanced gameplay elements when compared to
the previous MOO titles. Civilization III is shaping up to be a worthy
successor to this wildly successful strategy gaming franchise. Although the
game does not yet exist on the Macintosh, it ran very well and easily
eclipsed the previous Civ titles with its new features and its enhanced

Peripheral maker Belkin was showing its new line of USB game controllers,
Nostromo. Although these gamepads and gaming mice only offer Mac
compatibility via Mac OS 9's InputSprocket software, the innovative
design of these devices make them definitely worth checking out. The company
also pledged to investigate adding complete Mac support for these devices if
the market warrants it.

Bioware had a minor presence on the show floor, but their demonstration of
their multiplayer role-playing game Neverwinter Nights was anything but
small. The team behind this fantasy adventure game is trying to take
computer role-playing games to the next level with beautiful graphics,
engrossing team-based game play and an almost ridiculous level of
customization features. When Neverwinter Nights is finally released for Mac,
Windows and Linux sometime near the end of 2001, expect it to raise the bar
for all future RPGs.

In addition to these events, the Inside Mac Games team also spoke with
representatives from Aspyr Media who have promised us some exciting
information about their upcoming plans very soon. Meetings still to come
with Westlake Interactive, Gathering of Developers and MacPlay mean that
there is sure to be lots of exciting news yet to come.

IMG's E3 2001 Coverage
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