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Thursday, May 17, 2001
Blizzard Patches Diablo, Warcraft II BNE
1:07 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Even as they demo Warcraft III at E3, Blizzard Entertainment has not forgotten those of you who still play their 'classic' titles. Recently both the venerable RPG Diablo and the oldie-but-goodie RTS Warcraft II: Battle-Net Edition have been updated to accommodate various bug fixes and changes in the Battle-Net server. If you play either title online, then you have no worries -- just log in and your version will be updated. Patches available as a separate download will be available soon.

The list of changes in Diablo 1.0.9 is short:

1. Fixed some issues.

2. Reverted a change made in 1.08 that, while correctly calculated distance, caused unintended gameplay issues.
The list of changes to WC2:BNE is slightly longer, and includes gameplay tweaks -- a shining testimony to Blizzard's obsession with perfection. Here's a sample:

  • Eye of Kilrogg can now patrol.
  • Added support for gateways.
  • Create Game Chatroom now lists resources and starting location along with map size and game speed.

    Major bug fixes

  • Fixed a hack which would allow you to perform upgrades repeatedly, bringing your units to normally unattainable levels.

    Minor bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where sappers would sometimes walk up to the wall, but not detonate.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the menu screens to become unresponsive to clicks if the computer had been left on for 24 days or more.
  • If a player is #1 on both Ironman and Regular ladder, it now shows Ironman stats, not the Regular stats.
  • Map-passing now sets the mapís creator code to W2Be (a Map Editor file) instead of W2BN (a War2BNE file).
  • Clicking on the portrait of an invisible unit not your own no longer centers the map on that unit.
  • Previously, if somebody else had allied with you, you could not cast death coil on them even if you were not allied with them.
  • [Mac only]. The application resource version no longer states beta, and copyright notices corrected.
If you don't play online, check back in a few days for the downloadable patches.

Diablo II 1.0.9 Update
Warcraft II: BNE 2.0.2 Update

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Archives  News  Blizzard Patches Diablo, Warcraft II BNE