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Thursday, May 17, 2001

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MacCentral Visits MacPlay
8:52 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

The folks at MacCentral recently took a tour of the offices of MacPlay, who were gracious enough to show them upcoming titles in development as well as discuss a bit about future projects.

The focus of their visit was on the popular D&D-based RPG Baldur's Gate II. Currently slated for release in July to coincide with the MacWorld Expo in NY, this game will be ready for beta-testing as soon as the multiplayer support has been added. Unfortunately, PC to Mac support will not be available, as the PC version depends on DirectPlay, a Microsoft-owned networking API. However, the team is currently working on GameRanger support to ensure that finding multiplayer games does not become a problem.

The game will ship on 4 CDs, with a full install taking around 2 gig. It will also come with a configuration tool which will allow users to tweak features to optimize performance of the game, including the option of using OpenGL for 3D effects. It's also noted that the title will possibly be playable even on low-end G3s.

In other MacPlay news, Fighter Squadron: Screamin' Demons Over Europe is also progressing along and should be out later this summer. It's described as a WWII flight sim that makes use of OpenGL to achieve detailed graphics.

Other titles, including a GeForce 3 optimized Giants: Citizen Kabuto are also in the works. For the full story, be sure to check out the full write up, as it also contains various screenshots as well.

MacCentral - MacPlay Visit
Baldur's Gate II
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