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Wednesday, May 16, 2001
Missing Mac Myst III: Exile Patch?
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As we noted on Monday, UbiSoft has released a patch for the PC version of just-released adventure game Myst III: Exile, fixing several bugs and adding a few minor features. However, there was no corresponding Mac version of the patch posted, so we contacted UbiSoft to discover when the bugs and missing features (such as the ability to invert the Y axis of the camera view) that Mac users have noted in the IMG forums will be addressed. It turns out that the PC patch (and the new CD#1 which is available) is an emergency measure for PC gamers who literally can't play the game as it currently stands; once again the many diverse hardware configurations of the PC world are a stumbling block to developers, rather than a benefit.

A Mac patch will be released in the future, as soon as they have dealt with the minor bugs that are Mac-specific:

The current patch is required for some PCs to be able to play the game at all. There are no such "show-stoppers" with the Mac version (that we're aware of). We're still gathering a list of "Mac-only" bugs that can be addressed. When those have been addressed, the Mac patch installer will be created. Our people are hard at work to fix all the problems users have encountered with Myst III: Exile so far. Hang in there!
And hang in there we will. As we noted, Mac users do NOT need to order a new CD#1 at this time; we'll let you know when the Mac patch for this game is available.

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Archives  News  Missing Mac Myst III: Exile Patch?