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Wednesday, May 16, 2001

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Max Payne E3 Plans
9:57 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Scott Miller of 3D Realms recently updated his .plan file before heading out for this year's E3 Expo (which officially starts today). He mentions they will be showing both of their major titles Max Payne and Duke Nukem Forever, though the later will be in video form only. Miller notes the plan for Max Payne is to get some feedback from closed showings on this "nearly finished game." He also says a video will be posted on the Internet tomorrow, so we'll keep track of that as well. Here's a clip from his .plan:

I'm hoping for a good reaction for our DNF and Max Payne videos, plus Max
will have backroom demos going on and those are always fun to sit in on to
see the press' reaction. Also, for Max, it'll be a great way to get a
reading on what people think of this nearly finished game while there's
still a little of bit of time for some tweaking.

The DNF and Max videos will be available on the Internet May 17th, the
first day of the E3 show, so for those fans not at the show, we didn't want
to leave you out of the fun. Also, CNN requested and received a copy of
both videos, so they might appear (in part) on TV, too. (CNN usually has
decent coverage of E3.)

Hope you're able to see what we've been up to

It's great to hear the game is so close to completion on the PC side, because it means work on the Mac port is able to begin that much sooner. MacSoft will be publishing the Mac version once it is completed. We'll be bringing you more on Max Payne in the near future, along with in-depth coverage from the Expo, so stay tuned.

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