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Monday, May 14, 2001
Mac GeForce 3 Coming Sooner?
10:10 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story has posted a recent reader e-mail regarding the release of the Mac version of Nvidia's powerhouse GeForce3 graphics card:

A reader sent an email this weekend noting the wait time for Mac GeForce3's has been cut to about 2 weeks:

"Just wanted to pass on the info that powermacs with GeForce3's have been upgraded from a 30 day to a 15 day wait. Just in time for WWDC.
Nate W."

If any readers get one - please send me your performance test results asap ;-)

This is great news for those that have been holding onto their hard-earned cash just waiting for this release. We have heard conflicting reports from other readers, but we'll be sure to bring you word when this revolution in Mac gaming finally ships.

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