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Friday, May 11, 2001
Starfleet Command 2 Interview
10:33 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Black Ops Station recently had the chance to interview Jinxx, a programmer for Taldren, a company responsible for the PC version of Starfleet Command 2. MacPlay will be bringing this title to the Mac OS this fall.

The interview itself is a little scattershot, and tends to talk about the game in terms of readers already being fairly familiar with it. Nevertheless, some general details can still be gleaned from it.

One of the main points the interview seems to focus on is the involvement of the community regarding the development of SFC2. Jinxx mentions that quite a few letters reach him, both hostile and polite, and that he takes the time to peruse all of them. He also mentions that mods, player models, and the like are always encouraged and supported whenever possible.

Also mentioned are the "Dynaverse II" servers. After doing some digging, it appears that Dynaverse II servers are player-maintained servers that allow multiplayer play for SFC2. They are highly modifiable, with players able to control ship costs, how economy affects the overall game, even/uneven battles, and other such factors. Jinxx mentions that he is still waiting for the Dynaverse II servers to be released, although it sounds like many players already have theirs up and running.

The interview also goes into Jinxx's relationship with Taldren, as well as asks his thoughts on some other related games and issues. For the full story, head over to Black Ops.

Starfleet 2 Command Report
Black Ops - Jinxx Interview

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