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Friday, May 11, 2001

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World War II Online Images, Status Update
8:28 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

The World War II Online site has been busy lately, with the forums buzzing about the open beta and preorders predicting a June 6 release date. Cornered Rat also managed to add two new screen shots to the game's Media page, giving you an impressive look off the wing of a plane in the clouds. A status update has also been given by one of the employees in the forums about where they stand with the game's release.

It sounds like they're working hard to get to a feature-complete version of the game to their closed beta testers. Once this been debugged and the servers tested, they will consider whether they need to open the testing up for more people (similar to Blizzard's 'stress testing' of Diablo II). After that, they are still hoping to have the first scenario, titled Blitzkrieg, released early next month. Here's the scoop:

The guys are camping at work, some waking up in there offices in the morning even. :)

Were locking down a version to get to the beta folks that has a ton of new features, and will be the basis for release.

As soon as that's decently complete and stable, hopefully a matter of days, we have to decide how many to add to a short open beta if it doesn't take too many days, pray for quick debugging.

The hardware is in place, the software is getting very close.

We will need to do some serious load testing and it's our intent to do that very soon, and get released in early June.

Were fighting time and business issues, and doing our best, and hopefully we can give all of ya an experience like the ones Hatch posted from our beta testers.

While there is no Mac-specific information there, we've heard Mac clients are in the current closed beta now. We're still trying to pull some specific requirements from the company, but as you can see, they're quite busy at this point. Stay tuned to IMG for more information as the title nears completion next month.

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