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Thursday, May 10, 2001
Meggs on New Myth 3 Publisher, Progress
12:30 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

A helpful reader pointed us towards the fan site MythWolfAge.com, which is reporting on posts made by Mumbo Jumbo developer Andrew Meggs following the news of the sudden shift of the publishing rights for Mac Myth III: The Wolf Age from Gathering of Developers to Mac-only publisher MacSoft. Myth III: The Wolf age is the third title in a well-respected real-time tactical combat series with a fantasy setting. The first two titles were developed by Bungie, but this third version is being produced by Take Two Interactive, which purchased the rights to this title as well as Oni last year.

Meggs' comments are in response to questions posed by MythWolfAge forum posters who were very curious (and in some cases suspicious) about this sudden split between Mac and PC publishers, as the game was formerly planned to be a hybrid release by Gathering of Developers. Here are Meggs comments on how publishing will work now, after the MacSoft acquisition:

: So does this mean there wont be a joint launch?

Obviously there won't be a hybrid CD anymore. :( The game will go gold on the same date for both platforms, but at that point it's a race between the manufacturing and distribution capabilities of Take 2 and MacSoft.

He also answers an unrelated question about editing tools for this game; unfortunately it seems those of you who are polishing your Fear and Loathing skills might have a new tool to learn:
: Will fear/loathing still be available on Mac?

Fear and Loathing will still be on the Total Codex CD, but that's it. Editing Myth 3 will involve a new thing we call Vengeance, which is in no way a reference to any dealings any Myth 3 team members may have had with a former Chicago-based company. Vengeance is built with a modified version of a cross-platform library called YAAF (see www.yaaf.org), which allows us to sit in CodeWarrior and with a single click generate functionally equivalent versions for both Mac and Windows from the same source code.

Note that Meggs does not state that this tool will be made publicly available, as Fear and Loathing were. In light of the huge popularity and extended life of Myth I and II mod and map making, it seems very likely that some form of tool will be produced, however.

And finally, Meggs makes a curious comment that manages to both clear the air and further cloud the situation regarding the highly unusual arrangement of companies under Take Two and Gathering of Developers. Don't blame us if his description leaves your head spinning:

My email ends in ritual.com, my paycheck is signed by United Developers, my last trade show badge said MacPlay, our voice mail used to have bad days when it said, "Thank you for calling ParSoft," and the Baldur's Gate II port and the Myth 3 development are both contracted to Mumbo Jumbo at an office where every single programmer comes from Contraband. It's just business as usual in a very incestuous industry.
We'll take his word for it. In related news, he provides a status update on the game's development:
We're very much on track (in fact, AHEAD of schedule) to finish the game by our October 1 deadline. At that point the process of manufacturing and distribution begins -- the fastest I've seen a publisher get something onto shelves was three days after it was final, and that was with GoD, so I'd expect a fairly fast turnaround for at least the PC version. No idea what MacSoft will do.
October may seem ages away, but this is an extremely fast development schedule for an A-list title. We expect much more about this revision of a now-classic series to be revealed at E3 late next week, so stay tuned to IMG for full coverage of the event.

Official Myth III: The Wolf Age Web Site

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