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Tuesday, July 11, 2000

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RUNE Dev Diary Updated
10:58 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Voodoo Extreme has posted a new developer diary entry from HumanHead's Chris Rhinehart, regarding (of course) their third-person melee combat game RUNE. In this fourth installment, Rhinehart explains that Human Head is currently in "crunch mode" and that the update would be relatively short as a result. Rhinehart does note they have a new employee, working on finalizing the gamer's animations, and that the 'Horde' community is starting up (the equivalent to a Quake clan) even before the game is out the door. Since RUNE is using the flexible, extensible Unreal Tournament engine, he also gives some details on what gamers and mod makers might expect from RUNE:

Human Head plans to support the RUNE mod community and make as many resources available for mod authors as possible. Mod additions for RUNE will be split into two basic additions: resource additions and code/feature additions. Resource additions refers to adding to content to the game, such as textures, meshes, and sounds. Whereas code additions refers to actually adding to or altering the game code for new gameplay modes (variations on CTF or creating a new weapon in the game).
This is great news, as it means third parties will be able to make even more Viking adventures beyond the original game from HumanHead. Is a RUNE/Matrix mod inevitable? We think so. Westlake is already well underway with their Mac port of RUNE, and it should be completed shortly after the PC version is finalized this Fall.

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